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Hydroseeding is a simple and cost effective way to get a lush green lawn., instead of laying sod which requires higher input costs.  Hydroseeding is the process of mixing grass seed, fertilizer, and fibre mulch into a tank with large amounts of water to create a slurry.  Once it is properly mixed, the slurry is sprayed on the ground through a large hose and nozzle.  The hydroseeding looks green as soon as it is sprayed on the ground because of the fibre mulch, which is already green when it is mixed in. 

Hydroseeding is becoming very popular with landscaping because:

1) it is about a quarter of the cost of sod

2) you can cover large areas quickly fewer employees

3) the homeowner can choose the type of grass seed and fertilizer applied

4) it provides erosion control and slope stability on sloping yards

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