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Figuring out the right fence for your property can be a challenging task.  Whether you are interested in a wood fence, vinyl/PVC or chainlink fence, JW Landscaping can help you decide on the type of fence and style that you want.  Keep reading below to see the different types of fences that we install.

Wood Fence

There are many different styles of wood fence that can be built on your property.  Wood fences can be built at varying heights and varying degrees of privacy to suit individual homeowner needs.  If you have a style of wood fence that you like, please give us a call for a free quote.  

PVC/Vinyl Fence

Another type of fence that is popular becuase of its low maintenance is a PVC/vinyl fence.  There are many different colors and styles of fence that you can choose from.  They also vary in degrees of privacy and height so homeowners are able to choose a custom fence to suit their needs.  

Chainlink Fence

Chain link fence is often associated with commerical properties, but there are many different styles for homeowners that want something different in their backyard. Chain link fences range from 4 feet - 6 feet, making it a great option for backyards.


We also take on large chain link projects for commercial businesses and oilfield projects.  Give us a call for all your fencing needs.

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